Who were the Tocobaga Indians and
Why should we care?



Why Should We Care?

We should care about the previous stewards of this special Land. It is now our responsibility to preserve for our children and grandchildren.

The goal: Raise $3 million by June 19th, 2022

100% of any donation will be collected via a 501 c3 and is tax deductible.
100% will go to the Pinellas County School Board to acquire these 14 acres.


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We need you to help secure this special 14 acres of land located in Tarpon Springs, Florida! We are working diligently to raise the funds to be able to buy this property from the Pinellas County School Board. This special area of land is an environmental asset to our community, and we want to preserve its existence. Our goal is to protect this ecosystem of natural habitats and endangered species and avoid the threat of development.

Your donation will help preserve the lands and continue to:

  • Protect this historic land and memorialize the original inhabitants.
  • Keep the wild habitats and endangered species in their native environment.
  • Curb climate change by saving this valuable land and preventing future development on this site.
  • Keeping the land as an ongoing habitat for birds of prey including large raptors
  • Protecting the sand pine community, this community has been continually fragmented and disturbed throughout our state due to urban sprawl.
  • Additional vegetation states will continue to thrive and flourish including longleaf pine, live oak and other sub canopy species.
  • Supporting an excellent ecological area that will continue to thrive and contribute to our natural preservation areas in Florida.

Endangered and Threatened Species on this site

Archeologist's Report